Let’s make Parramatta river swimmable again by
– 2025 –


We've been doing a lot of work to understand what makes a river swimmable and what we need to do to make the Parramatta River a place for all Sydney-siders to enjoy. This has included customer research, water quality modelling and a look at the key strengths and weaknesses at a number of sites.

We've taken all this evidence and used it to create a shortlist of 12 possible sites and would like you to tell us which ones you find the most desirable. We want to know what barriers stand between you and swimming at the possible sites. What would the sites need to have to make them a place that you, your friends and family would use?

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We’ll take your feedback into consideration when finalising the Parramatta River Masterplan, which will guide us over the coming years in the efforts to make the river swimmable by 2025.






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A swimmable river means more than just people swimming. It means a clean and healthy river, with vibrant and active spaces that everyone can easily get to and enjoy in different ways. Explore the benefits