Research about the River

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Ecological Health Report

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This study identifies five iconic species from the Parramatta River catchment that are valued by community and whose presence and habitat requirements link to the goal of the Parramatta River Catchment Group to make the river swimmable by 2025. It links the ecological needs of these iconic species to the ecological services provided within the catchment and recommends a hierarchy of actions based on the need to protect existing habitats, manage habitats that remain and where possible create new habitats.


Parramatta River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan

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The Parramatta River Estuary Coastal Zone Management Plan has been certified in accordance with Section 55G of the Coastal Protection Act.

It is now a legislated long term Plan for the Parramatta River estuary, which guides councils and other major land owners in collectively managing the health of this important and iconic waterway.

Our Living River Catchment Fauna and Habitat Report

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This project involves a landmark study of fauna richness across the whole Parramatta River catchment. It aims to expand, restore and manage the extent of native habitats in the fragmented landscapes of the Parramatta River catchment. It has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

Read the Our Living Catchment Native Habitats & Fauna Report.