Eastern Long-necked Turtle

Eastern Long-necked Turtle Image: Rosie Nicolai

Image: Rosie Nicolai

The Eastern Long-necked Turtle lives in freshwater creeks and needs deep ponds to swim and forage, and sandy banks to lay eggs. Healthy turtles informs us that creeks are not overly polluted by pesticides and other chemicals, banks aren’t badly eroded and flows are just right.

Our Ecological Health Report recommends a number of actions that can be undertaken to improve habitat for the Eastern Long-necked turtle including the construction of off-line wetlands for stormwater treatment and habitat.

However before we can do all that, we need to confirm that our turtles are where we think they are. Luckily for us, there is already an amazing Citizen Science based program TurtleSAT up and running in the catchment that does exactly what we need and the great folks behind it are willing to work with us.

We encourage you all to sign up to the TurtleSAT project (and let us know if you have) so that we can get started on improving the ecological health of our river.

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Turtle Events - Talkin' Turtle

The Eastern long-necked Turtles of the Parramatta River Catchment were ready for nesting throughout November and December. We had an amazing event 'Talkin' Turtle' where we learnt a lot about turtles and explored some recent laid nests. We hope to have more 'Talkin' Turtles' events in the near future.