The Parramatta River Catchment Group is on a mission to make Parramatta River swimmable by 2025. But we cannot do it alone!  A Riverkeeper has been appointed to establish a network of care for the health of the Parramatta River and surrounding catchment.

The Riverkeeper Network includes individuals, community groups and organisations, businesses, projects and things to do along the river and in the catchment.

Keep reading to find out about the network and our plans or you attend a Riverkeeper Network meeting. If you belong to an organisation we can arrange for a Riverkeeper Ambassador or a member of our team to be a guest speaker at one of your events.

Yes please I want to sign up

Why would my organisation want to join the Riverkeeper Network?

To be a part of an amazing campaign.

To receive assistance and support for your own projects via

  • assistance in applying for and Riverkeeper endorsement of grant applications
  • access to scientific and council expertise
  • access to a pool of resources
  • expanded opportunities for media/social media coverage of your event/project.

To plan and execute more ambitious events and projects via

  • connecting with organisations across the catchment
  • working with other groups for access to larger, catchment wide grants.

To have access to other Riverkeeper initiatives (which will be implemented  over the coming year) including:

  • River Warriors energetic souls, trained through the Riverkeeper network to drive on ground projects.
  • River Ambassadors  a group of passionate community speakers.
  • River Aware a toolkit for homes, streets and communities.

Won’t this mean more work for me and my group, when I just want to stay local?

The level of involvement you and your group has in the network is entirely up to you. Once you are signed up, you can determine how involved you want to be, e.g.

  • Be contacted by the Riverkeeper only when there is something happening in your area.
  • Signup to the newsletter so that you can pick projects and events that you would like to be part of.
  • Use the Riverkeeper network to promote your events and projects.
  • Ask the Riverkeeper for assistance in applying for grants and getting projects and events up and running.

 Yes please I want to sign up

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The Parramatta River Riverkeeper is funded through the Local Landcare Coordinators Initiative, funded by the NSW Government and supported through the partnership of Local Land Services and Landcare NSW.