Riverkeeper Ambassadors are community members who are passionate about the Parramatta River or a particular aspect of it. To achieve our goal of making the Parramatta River swimmable, we need to connect with each of the 1 million residents and businesses in the catchment. To do this I need a team of passionate, enthusiastic, articulate and committed volunteers to help me!

Would you like to publicly share your passion for the ecology or history and/or be part of the team that is going to make the Parramatta River swimmable?

Current Ambassadors

We currently have three amazing Ambassadors

Cathy Merchant 'Turtle Ambassador', who organised an amazing ‘Talkin’ Turtle’ event based around the Eastern Long Necked Turtle, one of our five mascot species for the River, and is in the process of organising some eel talks for this year.

Paula Coleman, our 'Vineyard Creek' ambassador has taken on an unloved patch of hidden beauty and organises regular clean up days for volunteers and corporate groups.

Charlene Bordley, from Addvantageous (a cycling based social enterprise) organises Fish Ladder bike tours, a tour along the Parramatta River looking at the 4 obstacles in the way of estuarine fish passage. Along the way birds are identified, environmental concerns are logged with council and participants learn about the role of the 5 Parramatta River Catchment Mascots in helping up make Parramatta River swimmable.