Wednesday 19th July 2023

New environmentally friendly ferries planned for the Parramatta River

Seven new Australian-made ferries will soon be cruising along the Parramatta River, offering a more sustainable transport alternative for Sydneysiders. Designed by Sydney-based naval engineers Incat Crowther, the Parramatta Class ferries will be constructed by Richardson Devine Marine in Hobart with construction set to start in July.

The more efficient design will carry the same numbers of passengers as the vessels currently in use while using 40 per cent less diesel. Another key feature will be the ability to convert to electric propulsion as battery charging and engine technologies improve in the future.

The ferries will replace the seven Cairns-built RiverCat vessels in service for 30 years. The first ferry is expected to be in operation by the end of 2024. With more swim sites planned to open on the river in the next few years, the new improved fleet will allow residents and tourists more opportunity to enjoy some of the many recreational activities available along one of Sydney’s most iconic waterways.

Date: 19 July 2023