Educational resources

The Our Living River project provides schools with a wide range of opportunities to connect with the Parramatta River and local environment. Students can explore different aspects of the river through Art, English, History, Maths, Physical Education and Science. They can initiate their own projects and events or take part in existing ones. Students can also join the Riverkeeper Network or become Riverkeeper Ambassadors.

Here are some examples of past school projects:

Riverkeeper Projects

PLC Sydney 

PLC Sydney has joined the Riverkeeper Network as an Ambassador for one of our five animal mascots, the eastern long-necked turtle. We’re excited to be working with the the college’s science department to develop various student projects based around river health and awareness.

Science teachers, Dr Maria Luisa Gutierrez and Mr Richard Lawton-Wade, along with STEM Captain, Roisin Bryce-Stark, and senior student Eleanor Clifton-Bligh, attended the launch of the Parramatta River Masterplan in October 2018.









Our Riverkeeper, Jo Taranto, teamed up with gardening guru Costa Georgiadis to talk to students in years 7-11 about what they can do at school and at home to help make the Parramatta River swimmable again.

Check out the video of STEM Captain, Roisin Bryce-Stark, talking about PLC Sydney’s involvement in the Our Living River project.


St Oliver’s Primary School, Harris Park 

In March 2018, our Riverkeeper Jacinta invited students in years 5 and 6 at St Oliver’s Primary School in Harris Park to become Riverkeepers. The students took part in a guided cycling tour of the Parramatta River by one of our Riverkeeper Ambassdors, Charlene Bordley from Addventageous. They then researched and developed their plans on ways to make the Parramatta River swimmable again by 2025, which they presented to the school community and members of the Our Living River team.

The project is a wonderful example of ways in which students can engage with their local waterways and surrounding environment and consider ideas for future sustainability.

Watch a video on the St Oliver’s Riverkeeper project.

Children’s short stories and artworks

Long Neck And Short Tales
A collection of student stories, poems, reports, illustrations and paintings, which form part of Willoughby City Council’s wildlife story book series.

School talks

We can arrange for one of the Our Living River team members or Riverkeepers to come and speak to students at a school assembly or class groups.

Printed resources

We can also provide schools with a select range of printable resources:

  • Riverkeeper’s invitation to join the Riverkeeper Network
  • Riverkeeper certificates for students
  • Design files for:

Education kits

Suggested books

  • The Godwits by Bruce Pickworth
  • Flappy the Bat – Blacktown Council

Contact us to find out how your school can get involved with the Our Living River project.