Tuesday 5th June 2018

2018 Riverfest!

Plans are well underway for the PRCG’s premier community event of the year – Riverfest! This year’s Riverfest! will be held over two weeks from 12-21 October, and align with both the launch of our Parramatta River Masterplan and the International Riversymposium.

Planning an event this year?

Riverfest! is a wonderful way to celebrate Our Living River with our local communities, ambassadors and members. We are hoping to include as many events as possible this year that showcase the different ways people engage with and enjoy the river and its tributaries.

If your community group or organisation is planning an event this year, why not hold it during Riverfest! We can promote your event through our website, newsletter and social media channels.

Registration for events opens in July, so keep an eye out for more information and details on how to register closer to the time.

International Riversymposium

Registrations are now open for the International Riversymposium, which will be held in Sydney this year from 14-18 October, with river experts from around the world descending on our river.

The PRCG is on the Riversymposium organising committee and is hosting a study tour along the Parramatta River for delegates on the 18 October, as the final event for the symposium. This event, along with several other activities at the symposium, will be promoted as Riverfest! events and open to members of the general public who would also like to attend.

Date: 05 June 2018