Lake Parramatta User Preference Survey

Lake Parramatta was formed when Hunts Creek was dammed in 1856, to supply drinking water for the Parramatta township. Today, Lake Parramatta is a large recreation reserve only a short distance from the Parramatta central business district.

The lake was reopened for swimming in 2015, with much celebration and media attention. Sydney Water Analytical Services continue to monitor the water quality in the lake. City of Parramatta has created a swimming area that is patrolled by lifeguards on weekends and holidays. The Council regularly upgrades facilities based on user demand and feedback.

A Council survey of visitors to Lake Parramatta in 2019 found that 78% of respondents enjoyed their visit and 76% said they are likely visit again. If the lake did not exist nearly half of the people surveyed said they would have stayed at home (see below).

Lake Parramatta Reserve is the number one “thing to do” in the Parramatta region, according to

The following is a sample visitor review on TripAdvisor:

“A gem in the middle of an urban jungle. Quiet escape from the busy city streets, this hidden gem is located just a few minutes bus ride from Parramatta. It has it all, safe swimming area, boating, picnic and BBQ as well as bushwalking around the lake” – October 2019.


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