Thursday 1st July 2021

‘Love Your Waterways’ litter prevention campaign

Everything we do in and around our homes, backyards, parks, schools, workplaces and public spaces affects the quality of water that runs off our streets, goes into the stormwater drains and ends up in our local waterways. Your nearest waterway could be a stream, creek, river, bay, beach, harbour or even the ocean!

‘Love Your Waterways’ is a community campaign that encourages people to take up 5 simple actions to reduce litter, pet waste, chemicals and other pollutants from entering our waterways. Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a big difference!

To support our Love Your Waterways campaign, we’re running an Instagram photo competition with some great prizes to be won! To enter, post a photo of yourself performing one of the five Love Your Waterways actions, such as collecting and disposing of litter correctly or washing your car the right way. Get creative with your friends and family to show us how you’re helping to take care of your local waterways! Remember to tell us where the photo was taken and add the hashtag, #LoveYourWaterwaysSydney.

There are five prizes to be won. Winners can choose one $100 gift voucher from any of the following: community nursery, bookshop, car wash, pet store or eco-store. (Prize pool total value is $500.00). The competition closes on 31 July and you can enter as many times as you like. To find out more, including competition T&Cs, click here.

Date: 01 July 2021