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Jump on in! Have your say on the Draft Parramatta River Masterplan and help create a swimmable river by 2025.

The Parramatta River belongs to all of us, and we want a plan that reflects that.

We have developed Ten steps to a living river that form the basis of the Parramatta River Masterplan, to be launched in October 2018.

Each of our ten steps has been informed by extensive scientific research and community input.

We want you to let us know if you think our plan deserves a gold medal or if we need to adjust our floaties!

The full draft Masterplan is currently on formal public exhibition until Thursday, 29 November 2018.

To make a comment, you can:

  1. Provide a submission to:
  2. Fill out our Masterplan survey
  3. Make a short comment or share your memories

It’s never too late to tell us what you think. We welcome your ideas and suggestions to help make this plan better, so join the conversation, get involved and stay connected.


Click here to have your say on the Parramatta River Masterplan.


We’re also keen to hear about your experiences in and around the river. Share your memories or let us know how you’d spend an afternoon by the river.