Riverfest! 2019

Riverfest! is the premier, annual community festival for ‘Our Living River’, celebrating the Parramatta River and all of our local waterways that flow into it.

Riverfest! 2019 will occur between Thursday, 17 October and Sunday, 27 October.

Do you have an event idea that could be held during this year’s Riverfest?

We invite you to organise your own event or get in contact with us to partner with other great events being held across the festival period.

We welcome any events that connect people to the river and our catchment, such as art exhibitions, clean-up days, bike rides and celebrations.

Please note that all events will need to meet our event guidelines to be successfully registered as a Riverfest event. For more information, please contact the Riverkeeper@ourlivingriver.com.au

Register your event for Riverfest! 2019 here.