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Lake Parramatta

First major milestone achieved - Lake Parramatta opens for swimming!

Lake Parramatta and its surrounding reserve is one of the most beautiful locations in the Parramatta City Council area. Lake Parramatta was once a very popular place for people to cool off in summer and show off the latest swimwear, but in 1942 it was closed due to poor water quality.

Recent water quality testing, as well as a formal risk assessment by Royal Lifesaving Australia, new safety measures and the rostering of lifeguards, has meant that the public can once again enjoy swimming safely at Lake Parramatta.

Lake Parramatta was officially opened for public swimming and water recreational activities on Saturday 24th January, 2015. Lifeguards will be on duty between 9am and 5pm every weekend until 15th March, 2015.

At other times, organised swimming events are permitted with prior Council approval.

Swimmable (Please note: swimming is not recommended within 3 days after heavy rain)

This spot may be swimmable now.
Check the Beachwatch site to see if you can swim there now.


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