1. Get swimming


Right now there are five places you can swim in the Parramatta River: Bayview Park Baths, Cabarita Park beach, Chiswick Baths, Dawn Fraser Baths and Lake Parramatta. The more we swim in them, the more others will join us and community support will grow. We can also learn what makes a swimming place great and what people want out of future swimming sites. The City of Canada Bay, Inner West Council and City of Parramatta continue to invest in actions that support swimming in these locations.


Maintain, improve and promote the four current swim sites in the Parramatta River.



Lead Agencies

City of Canada Bay, City of Parramatta, Inner West Council.

Current Measure

To increase the usage and desirability of the current swim sites.

Status Update

Bayview Park Baths

Bayview Park Baths was reopened for swimming in November 2022. The site is managed by City of Canada Bay. Daily water quality forecasts are provided by Sydney Water’s RiverWatch Monitoring Program and available on the Our Living River website Interactive Map. Swimming is permitted except for up to three days after heavy rain.



Cabarita Park beach

Cabarita BeachSwimming is permitted at Cabarita Park beach except for up to three days after heavy rain. Water quality is currently monitored by Beachwatch. City of Canada Bay manages this site and does not collect any user data.



Chiswick Baths

Chiswick BathsSwimming is permitted at Chiswick Baths except for up to three days after heavy rain. Water quality is currently monitored by Beachwatch. City of Canada Bay Council manages this site and does not collect any user data.



Dawn Fraser Baths

Dawn Fraser Baths

Dawn Fraser Baths is a harbour tidal saltwater pool that is monitored daily by Beachwatch. After heavy rain the baths may close if the water quality is not suitable for swimming. 

A significant refurbishment of the baths was completed in 2021 that included raising and replacing the pavilion and decking, upgrading the lighting, bathrooms and changerooms.


Lake Parramatta

Lake ParramattaLake Parramatta was officially opened for public swimming and water recreational activities in 2015 after being closed for 72 years due to poor water quality.

City of Parramatta monitors water quality and provides lifeguards who patrol the site during the swimming season from late October to late March. The council also collects data on site usage and preference.

The NSW Government Places to Swim grant, has provided funding to improve access to the swimming area. Future plans for Lake Parramatta also include a new ‘beach’, seating, and umbrellas for shade. An overwater pontoon is also being considered but will be subject to further assessment.


Note: graphs updated annually at completion of summer swim season.

In 2019, City of Parramatta surveyed visitors to Lake Parramatta and found that 78% of respondents enjoyed their visit while 76% said they are likely visit again. View Lake Parramatta’s User Preference Survey results.

Progress Timeline

December 2023 to February 2024

  • Lake Parramatta upgrade: City of Parramatta Council is in the process of seeking a contractor to carry out the construction phase of upgrades to the Lake Parramatta swimming area. Construction is programmed to commence late March 2024 to early April 2024 and after the current swimming season.
  • There will not be any impact on the current swimming season and the swimming area is open and accessible as usual. The construction will be completed prior to the commencement of the swimming season in October 2024.
September to November 2023

  • A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for upgrades to Lake Parramatta swimming area is currently on public exhibition until 5pm, Monday 11 September 2023.
  • Progress of upgrades to Bayview Park amenities that are due to be completed by September 2023.
June to August 2023

Planning continues on upgrades to Lake Parramatta swimming area.

March to May 2023

  • City of Parramatta invited the community to share feedback on changes made to the draft concept plan for the Lake Parramatta swimming area upgrades.
  • In response to community feedback and recommendations in the safety report, Council removed the pontoon from the draft concept plan, modified the landscape design to complement the natural setting, included tactile surface indicators, and retained the safety enhancements.
  • A Review of Environmental Factors will also need to be completed and placed on public exhibition.
December 2022 to February 2023

  • Lake Parramatta Swimming Area draft concept plan was promoted on Participate Parramatta in December.
  • In January, Council engaged Royal Life Saving NSW to carry out a safety assessment of the proposed upgrade with a focus on the pontoon. The assessment identified certain risks and recommended removing the pontoon from the design.
  • Council also met with City of Parramatta Access Advisory Committee regarding the construction of a ramp to access the swim site. Council staff detailed that a ramp was not being considered as it would require mass clearing of native vegetation and removal of sandstone outcrops. Further changes were recommended by the Committee which have been included in the revised draft concept plan.
September to November 2022

  • Parramatta Council successfully received Places to Swim grant to update Lake Parramatta swim area access.
June – August 2022

  • No updates received – expect more activity as we move into 2022/23 swimming season.
March – May 2022

  • No updates received – swim site suitability likely poor as a result of recent weather.
September 2021 – February 2022

  • No updates received – swim site suitability likely poor as a result of recent weather.
June – August 2021

  • Dawn Fraser Baths re-opened to the public via a booking system from early September 2021.
March – May 2021

  • Dawn Fraser Baths remain closed.
December 2020 – February 2021

  • Dawn Fraser Baths remain closed. A date for opening has not been set due to challenges with supplying water to fire hydrants and sprinklers.
September – November 2020

  • Dawn Fraser Baths construction nearly completed. Opening is expected by late 2020.
  • CCTV installed at Lake Parramatta to aid management of the site.
June – August 2020

March – May 2020

December 2019 – February 2020

  • Development of user preference surveys for 2019/2020.
September – November 2019

  • Dawn Fraser Baths closed for refurbishment.
June – August 2019

  • Review of Lake Parramatta User Preference Survey undertaken to determine applicability at future swimming sites.
March – May 2019

  • Annual visitor data collected for Lake Parramatta and Dawn Fraser Baths.
  • Lake Parramatta User Preference Survey completed.

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