4. Standardise the standards


The Parramatta River’s catchment spans 11 local government areas. To create a swimmable river, we need to work together to standardise policies and practices that impact water quality, such as approaches to baseline measurements, installation of rainwater tanks and creation of raingardens.

This project has identified the appropriate policies, planning instruments and sustainable funding mechanisms that will support the goals of the Parramatta River Masterplan.


Establish a whole of catchment land use policy and statutory planning mechanisms.


By 2021.

Lead Agencies

NSW Department of Planning, Infrastructure & Environment and Sydney Water.

Current Measure

Workplan (2019-2020)

Status Update

Comments and feedback have been incorporated into the draft options paper and the Discussion Paper. The Delivery Engine team is working with our consultants at Civille to develop the recommendations paper. This recommendations paper will provide the ways and means to influence the different parts of the NSW planning system to ensure that the objectives of the Masterplan are embedded in legislation, and the mechanisms councils can adopt within their Local Strategic Planning Statements, Local Environment Plans and Development Control Plans that will standardise the standards across local government areas. A small Project Control Group has been convened, with representatives from DPIE, Sydney Water, PRCG and Councils to help develop the Recommendations Report.

Final recommendations table 

Progress Timeline

January – March 2020

  • Discussion Paper finalised. We received a number of submissions and feedback was incorporated.
  • Developed draft options paper – sets out other parts of NSW planning framework and how to influence them, i.e. strategies, SEPPs, VPAs, ministerial directives etc.
  • Had initial meeting with new DPIE contacts.
October –December 2019

  • Developed draft discussion paper.
  • Workshops held with catchment councils, GSC, DPIE, PRCG and Sydney Water to focus on developing planning controls for Waterways and Riparian habitats and for WSUD.
July – September 2019

  • Knights McAuley appointed to lead review of catchment policy and planning controls that impact water quality.
  • Workshop held with catchment councils, GSC, DPIE, PRCG and Sydney Water to develop practical recommendations to support councils’ current review of their Local Environment Plans (LEPs) and align with the vision of the Parramatta River Masterplan.
April – June 2019

  • Standard wording developed for councils to include in their Local Strategic Planning Statements (LSPS) that support implementation of the Parramatta River Masterplan.
  • Consultant’s brief drafted to review planning provisions/provide model clauses that support implementation of the Parramatta River Masterplan.

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