9. Report back regularly


Regular monitoring and reporting not only shows us if we’re winning, it helps keep our river in the mind of everyone involved and reminds them that this is a long term project that is worth investing in.

The Masterplan Dashboard has now been established to report Masterplan progress. Sydney Water’s Community and Business Affairs Group are working with the Delivery Engine and PRCG to develop a Communications and Engagement program, this is key to keeping the implementation of the Masterplan at the forefront.


Undertake regular monitoring and report annually to stakeholders and the community on progress towards the Parramatta River Masterplan.



Lead Agency

Sydney Water.

Current Measure

Masterplan Dashboard
The dashboard is updated (at least) quarterly to provide all stakeholders with insight on the status of each Masterplan step.

Delivery Engine Update
Delivery Engine reports are provided to the PRCG Full Group every quarter.

PRCG Full Group Meetings
The PRCG Full Group meets on a quarterly basis. The Full Group has a quorum of member agencies and councils. These meetings are the main mechanism to report on the status of the actions of the Parramatta River Masterplan.  The Agendas for the meetings, since the Masterplan was launched in October 2020, provide insight into what the group has considered.

Annual Report
Yearly summary of the PRCG’s activities, projects, campaigns and events, including the progress made on the delivery of the Parramatta River Masterplan. View past PRCG Annual Reports.

Parramatta River Swim Report
The Swim Report provides a current snapshot of swim site activation in the river. It includes a historical timeline of the river, aerial photo highlighting the location and activation status of each swim site and suggestions on ways people can help make the river swimmable again. The report is updated annually or as significant progress occurs. Read the Parramatta River Swim Report.

Progress Timeline

April – June 2020

  • Dashboard now hosted on the Our Living River website.
January – March 2020

  • Development of Masterplan dashboard on Our Living River website progressed to be launched in early April.
  • Funding options for website, app and electronic signage investigated.
  • PRCG overview brochure developed and distributed.
  • Parramatta River swim report updated and distributed.
October – December 2019

  • PRCG 2018-19 Annual Report released.
July – September 2019

  • Review of current dashboard format undertaken and planning for revised dashboard commenced.
April – June 2019

  • Reporting dashboard progressed using software Power BI, with initial dashboard measures in place for Workstreams 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10.