7. Involve the community


Most stormwater pollution comes from roofs and streets runoff and that is determined by the actions of the community living in the catchment area. Good management of building sites, picking up pet waste and not littering are just three ways communities can help create a swimmable river. Helping people understand this link is key to success.


Undertake joint community education and compliance activities focused on reducing stormwater and source pollution where it is linked to community behaviour and actions.



Lead Agency

Parramatta River Catchment Group.

Current measure

Get the Site Right

River Aware

Riverkeeper Network


  • Number and type of organisations that take part in Riverfest.
  • Number of people that attend events.
  • Level of media engagement.
  • Number of supporters and volunteers generated.
  • Read more about Riverfest.
Community Events


Status Update

Get the Site Right

  • Letters to be sent to council general managers inviting them to participate in the September 2020 campaign.
  • Letters and articles to be sent to private certifier associations as well as other building associations.

River Aware

  • River Aware pledge to be launched in April/May 2020 as part of an online campaign.

Riverkeeper Network

  • Riverkeeper Ambassador training program under development.

Community Events

  • Events cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Progress Timeline

April – June 2020

  • Get the Site Right campaign postponed to June 2020 and will be an online format due to COVID-19.
  • River Aware campaign launched on social media to engage the community during May 2020.
  • Riverkeeper role approved for recruitment.
January – March 2020

  • Meeting with other catchment groups on 17 February to plan 2020 campaigns. Focus of the May 2020 campaign to be private certifiers.
  • Meeting with the Regulatory Sub-committee on 17 March to plan the May 2020 campaign.
  • River Aware campaign collateral finalised to be distributed to members.
  • Completion of the online River Aware pledge.
October – December 2019

  • A draft Stakeholder Engagement Strategy under development targeting the six key areas identified in the Masterplan.
  • Get the Site Right and Riverfest campaigns held.
  • Updated River Aware campaign to be disseminated to all members in early 2020.
  • Coordination of Riverkeeper Network.
  • Attendance at community events continues.
July – September 2019

  • Get the Site Right campaign planning for October Blitz Day.
  • River Aware neighbourhood campaign launched in July 2019.
  • Presentation to community groups including Baulkham Hills Probus Club and Catholic Earthcare.
  • Presentation at Stormwater NSW Conference on stormwater engagement campaigns.
  • PRCG presence at Cherry Blossom Festival (Cumberland Council), Footprints Ecofestival (Inner West), McIlwaine Park Consultation (City of Canada Bay) and Moocooboola Festival (Hunters Hill).
April – June 2019

  • Get the Site Right campaign conducted, including a one-day blitz on 14 May.
  • PRCG presence at the North Parramatta Heritage Festival & EDGE Greenway events.

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